EBFP Board of Directors 2021

No one on the Board receives compensation. 


Mary Mack Popham

Executive Vice President, TriMack Plastics Manufacturing Corp.

Jeanne Van Vleck

Vice President
Retired Navy Ware College, Deputy Chief Information Officer

Cathy Winston

Retired High School Guidance Counselor

Charlie Kellner

Retired municipal government and school district administrator throughout New England

Denise Arsenault

Retired educator, community volunteer, mother, and grandmother

Anabela Azevedo

Client & Volunteer

Keith Enos

Retired Shipyard General Manager

Patricia Guida-Salisbury

Retired Sales Representative, Founder and President – Puzzle Ride for Autism 

Emily Mushen

Research Analyst for the Department of the Navy

Marcia Sirois

Registered Clinical Dietitian