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Grow A Row and Share a Seed

Grow A Row is a way for home gardeners as well as farms to grow and donate produce to local community organizations that serve people in need.  Fresh produce is an essential component of a healthy diet, but is not donated frequently enough to supply demand at the East Bay Food Pantry.  Grow A Row is an excellent vehicle to bridge communities, build relationships, and provide low income people with access to fresh, local produce which is a crucial component to our Access Nutrition Initiative.

Produce is available for our clients every Wednesday during our regular pantry hours (10-5pm) and also every Friday 10am-3pm as part of our  Fresh Food Friday program.

Share a Seed provides an opportunity for clients to grow their own produce at home and provides a way for local gardeners and farmers to donate their leftover seeds and seedlings instead of discarding them.  During the Spring planting season we welcome donations of seeds and seedlings as well as pots and potting soil.

Who Donates the Produce?

* Gardeners throughout the East Bay are encouraged to participate. This is a great program to begin with your children.  In addition, we have formed partnerships with Blithewold Gardens, McCoy Community Farm, Magaziner Farm, and Warren Community Garden and are grateful for the gorgeous produce they graciously share with our clients.

* Whether you grow an extra row, dig up your entire yard, plant a tomato in a container, or organize a collective donation from your community garden, we appreciate your contribution!

Who Receives the Produce?

* The East Bay Food Pantry serves clients from all over the East Bay.  Be assured that every Wednesday and Friday the East Bay Food Pantry can use your clean, fresh home grown produce!

Do I Need to Sign Up?

No sign up is necessary.  Just bring us your produce any Wednesday or Friday morning.  If you would like more information you can email Anita Randall at arandall@eastbayfoodpantry.org or Karen Griffith at karen@eastbayfoodpantry.org or call the pantry at 401-396-9490.