EBFP Annual Giving Appeal – Your Gift Makes Every Difference!

The need for food assistance in Rhode Island remains at a record high! Here are the startling facts:

• 15.4% of RI Community Food Bank’s population (66,500 households) do not have the means to purchase adequate food with an additional 5.5% (24,000 households) experiencing severe food insecurity (hunger).

• 43% of RI’s “food insecure” population have such limited income that they must choose between buying food and paying for heat.

• 144,000 Rhode Islanders (13.7%) are living in poverty with a 21.9% rate for our children.

Providing adequate nourishment for our most vulnerable neighbors is our top priority and we are determined to make sure EBFP’s resources are accessible to all those in need. 2014 marked the 5th year anniversary of our agency’s mission: To Engage, Educate and Empower the East Bay in Creating a Hunger Free Community. Thanks to your generous support we have been able to provide nutritious food for over 5,000 residents in the nine communities we support. Donate securely here…

Just last week, new client Jessica explained why she enrolled her family at EBFP…IMG_0583

“My husband Mat and I moved back to Warren in September with our 4 children to be near family. Mat works part time and I am earning a Bachelor’s degree, so money is tight. The Bristol/Warren School Dept. recognized that we needed help and referred us to EBFP. I was so impressed with all the healthy food and produce – you have more than canned food – you have what people need to eat!”

Nutritious food is a must for Jessica’s family as three of her four children have special dietary needs. Her youngest, Jeremy (now 8) was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer at 9 months and lives with one kidney after multiple treatments and surgeries. Thankfully he is in remission now! Jessica remains positive in the midst of life’s challenges and smiled as she said, “EBFP is a community source of helping hands that brings nutritious food to my family when times are hard!”

Unfortunately, Jessica is not alone in her struggle to feed her family. Assisting 5,000 people is a huge responsibility and one we could not take on without your help and the support of our community.

Please help us meet this challenge, and together we can create a better, a stronger, a healthier East Bay! Please take a moment now to make your tax deductible donation securely through our website.