Bowls for Hunger Project at Colt Andrews Elementary!

Bowls for HungerGREAT NEWS FOR THE EAST BAY FOOD PANTRY AND COLT ANDREWS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!  Colt Andrews Art Teacher, Lynne Ramos, was recently awarded a grant from the Bristol Warren Education Fund to combine community service and the arts.

This project, called Bowls for Hunger, is a chance to create art to help the community. Students will shape bowls and then hand glaze them to create a unique work of art. Work will be done in the Art classes starting October 7th –October 28th under the direction of ceramic Artist Ellen Blomgren and Art teacher, Mrs. Ramos. Final pieces will be sold to families and the community so funds can be donated to those in need.

Students may reserve their bowl for $5.00. All Bowls will go on sale November 10th for a donation of $5.00. All proceeds will be donated to The East Bay Food Pantry.

Students will discuss the dilemma of hunger. Through out this process, we want our students to realize that they have lots to give. By using their creativity, hands and time, they can make a positive difference in the world and become more aware of other’s basic needs.

Mrs. Ramos’ goal is that through this concrete activity, students will connect and make a life long commitment to helping others and taking ownership in the community. Thank you to Mrs. Ramos and the Colt Andrews students and staff for supporting the work of EBFP through this meaningful project!

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