May Volunteer Newsletter

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East Bay Food Pantry
Bristol, Rhode Island 02809

In April… 

48 Volunteers

worked over 800 hours
keeping our programs running smoothly:

Our Food Pantry served 849 Individuals

from 362 Households

Fresh Food Friday distributed

4,243 lbs. of produce
to 474 Individuals
during 182 Household Visits

Food4Kids served
Kids from

These programs provided food for approximately 15,769 meals!

Our volunteers also
sorted and displayed items from

78 Thrift Shop donations, large and small,

to keep our Thrift Shop running.

You make the Food Pantry and Thrift Shop possible.

Thank-you for all you do!

We truly couldn’t do it without YOU!




Contact Us

East Bay Food Pantry
Bristol, Rhode Island 02809

East Bay Food Pantry:

May 2014 Volunteer Newsletter


Upcoming Events
Volunteer Appreciation WeekMay 19-23
Please join us for a week of festivities dedicated to our dedicated volunteers.  If you will be attending any or all of these events, please contact Karen or sign up on the list next to the Volunteer Log so that we can make sure to have enough food.

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast:  Wednesday, May 19 at 9am  Come in for breakfast and camaraderie before the pantry opens.

Volunteer Appreciation Lunch:  Thursday, May 20 at Noon  Join us for a light lunch and fellowship in the volunteer area in the middle of the day.

Volunteer Appreciation Snacks:  Friday, May 21 10am to 3pm  Come in any time throughout the day for some special treats.

Any time you make it here during that week, make sure you pick up your certificate and a small token of our appreciation.

Volunteer Survey – Ongoing
Our board is undertaking the task of creating a strategic plan for the East Bay Food Pantry and Thrift Shop.  An important first step of this is soliciting feedback from one of our most valuable resources, our volunteers.  When you next come in to volunteer, we would very much appreciate it if you would fill out a short, anonymous survey.  The surveys are located in the check-in area next to the Volunteer Log, and they can be returned in the collection box in the same area.  Thank-you!


Daffodil Days Yard Sale!


Many Thanks to all our wonderful Volunteers and Staff who worked overtime to make our Yard Sale a Success!!!

We had a great day and met many new people who didn’t previously know we were here, in addition to seeing many familiar faces.  Thank-you to all of you who made it possible!



Of Interest…
New Refrigerators and Freezer Coming!
The RI Community Food Bank recently received a Champlin Grant to provide cold storage for its agency organizations.  As a result of this grant, we will be receiving 2 brand new commercial refrigerators and 1 brand new commercial freezer.  These units will replace our current residential refrigerator/freezers as well as our vertical freezer, resulting in more cold storage space and greater energy efficiency!

What would happen to prices if Walmart paid its employees more?  This short video takes a look at the likely impact of increased wages on prices.  The result may surprise you.


May and June Birthdays
By popular request, I have compiled a list of birthdays for our regular volunteers and staff.  Unfortunately, I don’t know everybody’s birthday, so if I miss yours, I apologize.  Please come let me know when it is, and I’ll make sure you are included.

Happy Birthday to everyone with May and June birthdays!


1st Obe Catlin
12th Amy Castro
12th Laura Temple
17th Mark Dieterich
23rd Sunny Melonio

6th Jack Andrade
22nd Alison Gamon



Have a wonderful May!  Thank you for all you do at the East Bay Food Pantry and Thrift Shop. 


Karen Griffith-Dieterich
Food Programs Coordinator

East Bay Food Pantry