Thankful for YOUR Help Feeding 5,000 Neighbors in Need!

Thank you for helping us welcome our clients every week to a fully stocked pantry! Because of your generosity, we are able to provide nutritious food for over 5,000 East Bay residents. We have extremely grateful clients who openly share how the East Bay Food Pantry (EBFP) has impacted their lives in very real ways. Just last week, new client Jessica (stay-at-home mom of six year old Penelope and three year old Violet) explained why she enrolled her family at EBFP…

“My husband lost his job two years ago when Violet was one. He couldn’t find work and we decided he should go back to college. Going to school on unemployment was tight and we went through our savings. We signed up for food stamps, but what we receive is not enough. A friend knew we were struggling and recommended the food pantry. It was hard to come in…I remember I was shaking.” ~ Jessica ~ EBFP client

appeal2013girlsUnfortunately, Jessica is not alone in her struggle to feed her family. Cousin Miley(3) and sisters Kailyn(3) and Layla(4) (pictured L to R) and their families are grateful for EBFP’s Food Pantry and Fresh Food Friday programs that provide healthy food and produce so essential for growing youngsters.

Providing for these precious girls and more than 5,000 East Bay residents is a serious responsibility and one that we could not take on without your help and the support of our community. Your generous gift empowers EBFP to be an important resource for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Your support makes all the difference in bridging the gap for our neighbors who struggle with hunger. As Jessica told me, “Sometimes the food stamps are gone and we don’t have a penny. The food from the pantry is all we have.” 

We need your help today!

  • Every $10 donation helps purchase 100 pounds of food.
  • $100 donation = 1000 pounds of food or a dozen eggs for 100 families.
  • $300 provides 10 families (like Jessica’s lovely family of four) with a week’s supply of food.
  • $1,000 – $2,500 = cost to restock Food Pantry every week!

Please take a moment to donate online now or mail your donation to: 

East Bay Food Pantry
150 Franklin Street
Bristol, RI  02809

We appreciate your gift in any amount!

And in the heart-felt words of EBFP client, Kyle, “…thank you all and may God bless all of you beyond measure.”