Feeding 5,000 at EBFP – We Need YOUR Help!

Thank you for helping us welcome our clients every week to a fully stocked pantry!  Because of your generosity, we are able to provide nutritious food for 5,000 East Bay residents.  In a recent conversation, client Donna B. helped me understand how the East Bay Food Pantry (EBFP) sustains her as a working mom with three daughters…

“I can smile today because of the food pantry.  I work full-time and live in my own home, but all the expenses really started to pile up after my divorce.  Every penny of child support goes to pay the first mortgage, which leaves me responsible for the second mortgage, utilities, and everything else.  My job doesn’t pay that much and even being really careful, it wasn’t long before the termination notices starting rolling in.

I knew I needed help, but it took me a long time to come to the food pantry.  I was too proud.  Finally I came here last August – I had to do it for my girls.  Now, because of the food pantry, my monthly grocery bill has gone down and I am getting caught up on all my bills.  It’s still really hard and we don’t have any extras, but we can stay in our home and my girls don’t have to change schools. 

The summer food program for the girls was so helpful – the amount and quality of food we picked up every week – it all adds up.  It’s phenomenal!  Hopefully my girls learn from what we go through – to be strong and to care. Coming here, to this pantry, has been an absolute blessing.”  ~ Donna B. ~ EBFP client

Unfortunately, Donna is not alone in her struggle to feed her family.  Close to 5,000 East Bay residents rely on food support from EBFP and Marleny M. (pictured below with daughter Melanie) could not be more grateful for the food assistance she, her husband and their three children have received.  “This place is THE BEST!  Thank you!”  Assisting so many people is a huge responsibility and one that we could not take on without your help and the support of our community.  Your generous gift empowers EBFP to continue caring for our most vulnerable neighbors in real and impactful ways:

*Serving nearly 1,000 people with an average of 18,000 pounds of food every month

*Access Nutrition Initiative guarantees healthy, quality foods and nutrition learning experiences year round

*NEW in 2012!  Food4Kids provides summer and weekend food for children on Free/Reduced school meals   

*NEW in 2012!  CANteen Youth Leadership program engages teens in real service projects (Weekend Food4Kids) to develop committed, caring community leaders

Little Melanie, and all the people we serve, need your help!  

Please donate today! 

Every $10 donation helps purchase 100 pounds of food.  $100 donation = 1000 pounds of food or a dozen eggs for 100 families!

Please make your tax-deductible donation online today or mail your check to:

East Bay Food Pantry

150 Franklin Street
Bristol, RI  02809

And to build on Donna’s heart-felt sentiments, caring neighbors like you are an absolute blessing!

With Great Thanks,


Anita K. Randall, Executive Director