Water Woes at EBFP!

On Wednesday, September 5, Bristol received torrential rains at near high tide. The water had few places to drain, and too much of it found its way into our space. In about 10-15 minutes, we went from looking for the source of a small trickle of water near an interior wall, to evacuating the whole food pantry and thrift shop, wading through ankle-deep water as more rushed in through cracks, floor drains, and even the front door!

We‘d like to especially thank all the volunteers who helped us during this crisis! Although it was a terrible situation, it was amazing to see how everyone worked together to do what needed to be done. Some volunteers quickly got food for clients who were in desperate need, while others scrambled to get computers, documents, and other important items up and out of harm’s way, and others helped those with limited mobility to get safely out through the water.

Thankfully our food losses were relatively small. The structure and thrift shop merchandise didn’t fair as well and unfortunately, the “drying-out” process is taking longer than we had hoped.  Lyons Disaster Recovery was on site shortly after we evacuated and is handling the entire water remediation process.  Currently, the space is a maze of fans and de-humidifiers and all the associated extension cords and water drainage tubes. The fridges, freezer, furniture, and many of the shelves have been pulled away from the walls to allow for better airflow. The baseboards have all been removed, along with the (freshly repainted) beadboard and several sections of the wall. In addition, plastic sheeting has been put up to direct the airflow to specific places that need to dry, and holes have been drilled along the bottoms of the walls to allow moisture to escape.

Many thanks to all of you who have offered to help; we appreciate your support. We hope the clean-up company will pronounce our space thoroughly dry within the next couple of days, and then we will begin to repair, reorganize and reopen EBFP as quickly as possible.  Check back for a Grand-Reopening announcement  soon!